On the Water Clothing

Get prepared for Summer!

Its important that Sea Scouts have the correct clothing while taking part in water-based activities. This is to provide protection from the weather and temperature, as well as protection from external factors. Below we have listed the essentials needed to take part in water activities, along with links to where you can purchase items, however other options for clothing are also available.


Wetsuits are critical in staying warm while in the water. They work when water gets trapped between the suit and the persons skin, and use body heat to warm the water. Wetsuits come in a range of thicknesses and sizes, these are down to personal preferences.

Spray Tops

Spray tops are key at protecting you from the wind and spray. They act like a coat and help stop the wind from reaching your skin. These are vital on the windy or rainy evenings.


Water shoes are important to protect feet from sharp stones and alike. These can be old trainers that you are happy to get wet, however we do recommend Wetsuit boots for comfort while kayaking. 

Please note, Crocs and flipflops are not appropriate footwear as they may come lose and provide little to no protection from sharp objects

Other Bits to bring

Its also important for Sea Scouts to bring a change of clothes! Even if they arrive or go home in their water kit, please bring a change just in case of an emergency or a change of plans.

Water Bottles, Sun cream, hats and extra layers are useful! The depending on the weather its important to be prepared for the different temperatures. In the summer, sun hats and sun cream may be needed, where as in the Autumn Wooly hats, fleeces or waterproof gloves may be appreciated!